We appreciate your interest in furthering your knowledge of the Word of God in order to better serve our Lord. Please allow us to introduce the Believer’s Institute for Biblical Studies to you. The institute was founded in 1969 as a correspondence study under the direction of Dr. Edward McAbee. On March 6, 2000 the first on campus classes were held with a Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree being offered. In the winter semester of 2006, the Master of Biblical Studies program was opened for those who want to further their education. From the beginning, the institute has been committed to truth. Here, the Word of God is the final authority. Our society today is a breeding ground for anti-God, anti-Christ, and anti-Church philosophies that have grown out of a lack of God-centered, Holy Spirit-empowered preaching and teaching. The leadership of BIBS believes that the hope for this generation is a return to the truth. Men and women entering BIBS can expect a program established and proven to hold high standards for Godly living. By the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, we desire to train men and women for God’s glory! If you believe the Lord is leading you into the area of preaching, teaching, or any other form of Christian service, please prayerfully consider the Believer’s Institute for Biblical Studies. May the Lord bless you.
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Dr. Ed McAbee Founder/President Emeritus
“to be used of God”
Fall Semester - 2016 Starts:  September 12, 2016 Courses: -American Baptist Heritage -The Gospel of Mark -I & II Thessalonians * Come join us this Fall! 2016 Graduation -June 3, 2016 at 7:00 PM
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