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Believer’s Institute For  Biblical Studies “to be used of God” Course Descriptions
1. Acts – 101 This course is entitled, “Primitive Christianity as Seen in the Book of Acts.”  It gives a complete look at the Church as it gets its start and makes its way in the world as recorded in this “history” book of the New Testament. 2. Amos – 102 This material is entitled, “A Nation on Collision Course.”  It pictures  Israel as they run head-on into the Judgment of God. 3. Apologetics – 450 This course will help the student have the tools with which to defend the faith.  The focus will be upon Genesis chapters 1-11.  The Subjects to be addressed include the creation, the fall, and the flood. 4. Attributes of the Holy Spirit – 104TM This study will give a summary of the distinctive attributes of the Holy Spirit and investigate how to recognize His unique personality. 5. Attributes of God – 103 This course is a detailed look at the true characteristics of God.  6. Baptist Heritage – 415 Baptists are not protestants!  We never came out of the Catholic Church.  The true story is told in this church history course.  7-8. Basic Bible Doctrines I & II – 105 & 331 This is a basic look at the major and critical doctrines of the Bible.  It starts with Salvation and traces each doctrine through the Word of God. 9. Biblical Anthropology  – 445 This is the study of man from a Biblical perspective.  In the Word of God, man is clearly seen as a tri-part being made up of body, soul, and spirit. 10. Biblical Basis for Missions – 109TM This course, in nine lessons, deals with “the heartbeat of God” as given in the Great Commission. Topics such as “Missions in the Old Testament” and “The Changing Face of America” are covered. 11. Citizenship and the Christian – 170 A tremendous study on the rights and responsibilities that every Christian citizen has in any nation. 12. Colossians – 173 The Fullness of God to Us” shows us that Christ is all, in all, and that He is above all.  It is designed to help us see how complete we are in Him. 13. 1 Corinthians  – 107 This study reveals the telltale signs of Christians who are “Captured by Carnality.”  It’s a look at sub–normal Christianity and its cure. 14. II Corinthians – 108 This course is entitled “Ambassador’s Manual.”  This verse–by–verse study helps the student beware of Satan as he tries to counterfeit the Church and the Gospel.  15. Ephesians – 111 This study, “The Majesty & Mystery of the Church,” is an outlined, verse–by–verse study of the epistle.  It  helps the student see who he is in Christ and how the Christian life should be lived.  16. Fundamentalism vs. Liberalism – 430 A presentation of the theological differences between these two movements. 17. Galatians – 114 The Liberated Life” is a study where we see the freedom that we have in the Lord.  It is the freedom to do His will and follow Him.  It is not the freedom to do as we please nor is it a license to sin. 18. God–Given Pastoral Authority – 117TM This course helps the student understand the authorities that God has placed over him and instructs him on how he is to submit to those God–ordained authorities. 19. Hebrews – 118 This study, “Into the Holiest,” is a close look at the “better things” of the Christian life as compared to Jewish life under the old    economy. 20. Hermeneutics – 455 This is a study of basic principles of Bible study which must be observed in order to rightly divide the Word of Truth. 21. History of the KJV Bible – 155TM We as believers need to know where our Bible came from.  In this material, we find a record of the men who fought and sometimes died in order to give us God’s Word in the English language.   22. Homiletics – 168 Homiletics is the study of the preparation and delivery of a sermon or other religious discourse.  It includes the foundational elements of sermon structure, sermon development, and an effective delivery.  Outline preparation and organizational methods are also explored.  This class is beneficial not just to preachers but to anyone who would stand before a congregation or class and expound upon the Word of God. 23. Hosea – 119  “Undying Love” emphasizes God’s love for Israel, Christ’s love for His church, and a husband’s love for his wife. 24. Isaiah – 124 The Gospel in Isaiah” will examine the book that has been called the “miniature Bible.”  A comparison will be made between Isaiah and the whole Bible. 25. James – 125 This study of the book of James will help one to see that real faith is a “Faith that Works.”  Christians do not work to be saved but because they are saved. 26. Jeremiah – 417 This is a study of the man himself and his message as an Old Testament prophet. 27. John, The Gospel of – 127 This study, “The God–Man,” will point us to the Son of God and what He did for us. 28. I, II, & III John – 180 This is an expositional and exegetical look at John’s three epistles.  First John will be studied in light of a four question outline that centers upon the statement made in 1 Jn 5:13. 29. Joshua – 128 Victory in Jesus,” or Joshua, shows us that battles can turn into blessings, that God is on our side, and that the student can win the battles in his everyday life. 30. Jude – 129 The verse–by–verse study of this powerful epistle on “Contending for the Faith” is so relevant to these end–time days.  It is an exposition that uses over 250 Scripture references. 31. Malachi – 130 This book shows us “The Unchanging God.”  He is unchanging in His management, His message, and His method. 32. Matthew, The Gospel of – 133 The Gospel of the Kingdom” is a study of the first book in the New   Testament and its presentation of Jesus as King.  Matthew tries to show the people of God their true Messiah and His message. 33. Minor Prophets – 165 This material takes a look at the small books written by Old Testament Prophets.  Each prophet had a distinct message for the people of God in their day, and they have a tremendous application for the people of God today. 34. Nehemiah – 135 In this material, “Rebuilding the Work of God,” the student will see the prophet encourage the people to rebuild the walls and continue the work of God.  They are working and warring at the same time. 35. New Testament Survey – 136TM This is an outlined study of each of the New Testament books.  The student will be able to learn the theme, central lesson, key verse, and an overview of each of the 27 books of the New Testament. 36. Old Testament Survey – 137TM Each of the Old Testament books is outlined in this study.  The student will learn the theme, central lesson, key verse, and an overview of each of the 39 books of the Old Testament. 37. Pastoral Ministry – 403 This course will examine many of the duties and responsibilities of a pastor.  This study will include topics such as:  Weddings, Funerals,  Baptism, Preaching, Visitation, and the Ordinances. 38-39. Pentateuch I & II – 185 & 186 This is a survey of the first five books of the Bible that provides the student with a working knowledge of the contents of each book.  There is a special emphasis on the book of Genesis. 40. Personal Evangelism – 410 This course examines the importance, methods, and truths of Biblical evangelism.  41. I & II Peter – 140 This Bible study stresses the theme, “Strengthening the Saints.”  The Epistles of Peter are strong medicine.  Every saint can find great strength and growth as they study this material. 42. Philippians – 142 In “Joy through Trials,” we find that Satan may keep Paul from traveling but not from triumphing!  The praising man becomes the prevailing man.  There is true joy in laboring for the Lord. 43. Practical Missions – 432 This class takes a practical look at what a missionary needs to know and do when he reaches the field. 44. Prayer, Doctrine of – 144TM This is a study on the importance and practice of prayer. 45. Revelation / Eschatology – 146 This will be a study of the events of the end times with an emphasis on the book of Revelation. 46. Revival – 147TM This course is a study of past revivals and an outlined study of the subject of revival. 47. Romans – 148 Justification by Faith” is designed for the maturing Christian who needs to know what the normal Christian life is all about. 48. Sin, Doctrine of – 151TM In this thorough study we look at sin and its effect on our lives. 49. I & II Thessalonians –  423 This study is an exposition and exegesis of Paul’s epistle to Thessalonica. 50. Things Most Surely Believed – 470 This class is designed to “set forth in order a declaration of those things which are most surely believed among us” (Lk 1:1) 51. I & II Timothy – 420 This study is an exposition and exegesis of Paul’s letters to his young preacher, Timothy. 52. Titus – 164 This study is a close examination of Paul’s letter to Titus.  Someone has said of the book of Titus, “This is a call for ‘Practical Christian Living.’” 53. Types in the Tabernacle – 425 This is a study of the many ways that the tabernacle in the wilderness foreshadowed the Lord Jesus and many New Testament truths. 54. World Evangelization & Missions – 401 The heartbeat of God is world-wide missions.  This will be examined and emphasized in this study.