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Dr. Ed McAbee Founder/President Emeritus
Believer’s Institute For  Biblical Studies “to be used of God” Standard of Conduct
BIBS believes it is necessary to dress appropriately and modestly at all times. It is the school’s firm belief that Christian men and women should dress, look and act differently than the world. One’s outward appearance is a reflection of the condition of the heart and mind. Students of BIBS are not isolated from the world, but hopefully are insulated as they live in the world. Those preparing for the ministry must be above reproach in their Christian life and be clean vessels worthy of the Master’s use. Students must be a member of a local church that is in complete accordance with our statement of faith. All students must be involved in the ministry of their own church. Women are required to wear knee length dresses or skirts to class. Apparel for women must be modestly fit, not tightly fit. Men are to wear a dress shirt or pullover shirt and slacks to class. Hair should be well groomed, short, and not fashioned after the world. Extreme fads of any nature are not allowed. Anything the administration considers to be a fad or extreme will not be permitted. The administration reserves the right to determine if dress or appearance is not appropriate. If a man must come to class straight from work, he may wear his work clothes if approved by the administration. The use of tobacco in any form is prohibited on the campus.
It is standard policy of many institutions including local schools to issue codes of conduct that even include standards of dress. Most people think nothing of abiding by these standards until it comes to a religious institution. These religious institutions are then labeled as fanatical by those who do not agree with the standard set. We, therefore, ask that you come and see for yourself who we really are before you make your mind up. We may not agree on everything, but you will be taught the truth of God’s word and grow spiritually.  Some may object that sinners will be turned away by such standards. Our stand is that this is not an evangelistic institution. It is intended to be a training center for those who are already born again.
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